I published the following books under the banner MITRAMAADHYAMA.

  • Vartamaanada Bisilu : A collection of my poems
  • Wonder Kandar : A collection of articles by late YNK, the then editor of Kannadaprabha
  • Aayada Kavanagalu : Collection of some serious poems by Dundiraj, one of the leading contemporary poet, who is actually popular for kannada limericks.
  • Hudukaatada Hottu : Collection of essays written by Dr. Niranjana Vanalli, now in Dept of Mass communication, University of Mysore
  • From Sarsvati River to The Indus Script : By Dr.N.S.Rajaram, internationally known historical researcher.
  • Aatmaahuti : A top rated imaginative biography of Veer Damodar Savarkar, written by Shivaramu. He is no more now. But Shivaramu’s works are the best on nationalism.
  • Entu Loka : Collection of interviews with Kannada laurates, by Narendra Rai Derla, now in Uppinangadi Government College
  • Embattara Koylina Kaalugalu : A memoir of Shri Addoor Shivashankararao, who was once a popular communist activist, who later turned to agriculatural experiments. He still lives in Addoor and has a sharp memory.
  • Astama Nivaaranege Yogachikitse : Of course, this is a very popular title I published, written by K.Keshava Bhat and Sumangala Bhat. The copies were sold out well before the release of the book.
  • Kaadunelada Kaalamaana : A collection of essays on Uttara Kannada life and times during the early period, by Shivananda Kalave, one of the finest researcher in cultural and environmental history of his place.
  • Odala Novina Tottila Haadu : A abridged version of the research undertaken by Shivananda Kalave, on the health status of tribal women in Uttara Kannada.
  • Deadline Veerara Kathegalu : A collection of articles on journalism by 40 leading journalists of Kannada.
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