The Bhoomi College (Bangalore) invites applications for its one year programme beginning in August 2012 on Science and Management for Sustainable
Living. This programme has been designed for those interested in Green Careers or Green Entrepreneurship, for students, researchers, mid-career
professionals, teachers, government officials, home makers and others keen on sustainable living.For a full e-brochure and application form contact:

Why this Programme?

In a world In headed towardsclimate crisis and social and political conflicts we need to re envision economics, technology and science which
are aware of ecological realities. We need educational spaces to foster holistic thinking for our individual as well as our collective future.  This programme aims at bringing to its
participants the best work on these issues from around the world and use them meaningfully with committed facilitators and innovative and creative methods.

Unique Features of the programme

Great Teachers and Facilitators: The faculty includes scientists, activists, writers and others who have done path-breaking work in their fields. Satish Kumar (co-founder, Schumacher College, UK),  Dr. Vandana Shiva, Ashish Kothari (Kalpavriksh), G. Gautama and Shri Narayana Reddy are a few teachers who will offer short courses during the one year programme.

Cutting Edge
Curriculum involving intensive sessions on holistic science and management for sustainability, experiential and group participative sessions, co-created
learning and real life projects and internships.

Gift Culture

Students contribute what they wish to as tuition fees – at the end of the year – for a student in the next batch.  Only a refundable deposit and basic boarding and lodging fees will be charged.

About Bhoomi College

The Bhoomi College for Sustainability Studies is a participative space for holistic learning. It is located in the outskirts of Bangalore on a small farm with eco-friendly buildings.

The Bhoomi College believes in an integrated approach, combining  the arts and sciences, theory and practice, eastern and western wisdom as well as intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual self-exploration.

Learning Processes at Bhoomi College will include real life projects  of one’s choice and internships with renowned NGOs and other organizations that Bhoomi
collaborates with.

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For more information 

Write to : The administrator,The Bhoomi college, or call 094498 53834 for free e-brochure and application form.
The Bhoomi College, No. 40,
Off Doddakaneli,
Sarjapura Road, Bangalore- 560 035

Phone: 080 28441173 / 094498 53834 

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